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Pole Saw


  • 3 Piece Telescoping aluminium shaft extends to a maxium of 2.4metres (8ft)
  • 20 cm Oregon bar and chain
  • Light weight access to the highest branches.  This is the perfect branch and limb pruner for operation from teh ground. 
  • Security Starter and electronic chain brake
  • The bar and chain can be changed and tensioned without the use of tools so you can keep working with the minimum of interruption
  • Automatic Lubrication, with translucent oil tank. At a glance checking of correct lubrication levels ensures durability and working life of the chain. 


Voltage 40V     
Motor             Brushed
Bar Length 20 cm
Chain Gauge 0.5 cm
Chain Pitch 3/8"
Oil Tank Volume 45 ml 
Oiling System Automatic    
Vibration Level  
Chain Speed (No-Loaded Entry)  
Chain Speed (Loaded Entry)  
Weight 3.75 kg