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40V Blower


  • The DigiPro Brusless Motor makes a huge difference to the performance of this Blower.
  • More Power, Longer run time, higher speed, greater efficiency & less noise and vibration
  • Air speed is an impressive 300kilometres per hour (185mph) controlled with a variable speed dial along with a turbo boost button for enhanced speed
  • The fast air speed is more than matched by an astonishing CFM figure- a huge volume of 340 cubic feet of air moved every minute. 
  • Vacuum mulches at 10:1 so the 45 litre collector bag doesn't need changing very often and the mulch is very fine, ready for fast composting


  • 340CF/M
  • 300KM/H
  • DigiPro Brushless Motor
  • Turbo Button
  • Variable Speed
  • 40V Power
  • 45L Collector bag